Saturday, January 1, 2011

Page of the Week

I had these huge ambitions over the break, mostly I just relaxed a bit, played a ton of games that piled up over the very busy last year, and decompressed...but I did manage to reorganize my website, and do a new page! The lettering is busting my ass...gah, so much text on these pages. I'm also offering up my very first print from my website, you can order here, so if you like what you've been seeing here, show your support and have your very own Mueller art a very affordable price I might add.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog though referencing your review of Meta4 on my own.
    Delighted to see you reworking this important and neglected series.
    I know the answer is probably buried in the posts, but I'm too brain dead to look at the moment, so I'll just ask. Are you aiming at a hard copy reprint or is this an online project only at this point?
    Great to see you're still out there.

  2. Hey Diana,
    thanks! Yeah I do anticipate I will do a hard copy. I could add this to my vast library of material,ha!

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