Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I had this dream last night and it was a story called The Butcher's Boy. The story was about a little pig boy being raised by a butcher, he feeds the pigs and takes care of the shop, but he's only allowed out at night and he can never see where the pigs some point the Butcher who loves the boy either dies or the boy sees him slaughtering the pigs and he runs off into a city filled with people who are horrified by him. He runs and runs until he meets a little girl who doesn't seem to care that he's a pig-boy, she befriends him and convinces him he's special...well her parents find out about the pig boy and put him in a barrel and throw him in a river to not be associated with such will probably twist and turn a bit more, but it ends wit the boy thinking he's escaping and running down the road to this point...only to see factories stretching to the horizon....or something like that. It was a powerful dream.


  1. so do you see this as a part of Oink's past, or as someone else's? I like the horror elements that are a large part of your stories, from the pigs being force-fed and the breeding room Oink discovers to the torment of the Bone Machine.

    1. I think it would be a different story, more like a fable, or an illustrated fairy tale.