Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Angels of Mercy

So,this sequence I've been working on sort of culminates with Oink's first showdown with the Angels of Mercy. I actually don't have this page and I thought I would have to have it drum-scanned from my original film, which I was dreading a bit cost-wise. This morning I had an idea to try to photograph the page itself, the problem with using the book pages as my source is that when you scan them you get a really prominent Moira pattern from the light of the scanner being so close to the page that makes it impossible to work with...Nikon D5000 to the rescue! I cut the page out and hung it in my little lighting booth like I would the original art and I was really happy with the results. It's not as crisp as the original, but I'm practically repainting this page anyway.

This weeks page is off to a good start I think, again re-framing the panels to more clearly tell the story...have I mentioned how much I'm learning reading Scott Mcloud's books?!! He's really brilliant and if you're making any kind of panel to panel story it's required reading, it will save you a lot of me.

I also found a link to Andrew Loomis' amazing book on just about everything illustration. It's way out of print, and super expensive if you try to buy an original. This was the book i was trained with in college, it's a treasure of the man's theories from color to perspective, he covers it all.

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  1. haha, this is my gameboy! take it!!! I will fix the tracking devices resemblence.