Saturday, September 11, 2010

The making of...

So the process to get this stuff into my computer has been a learning curve. The series was originally drum scanned which produced color separations that I have, but the scanning is not cheap, the most affordable way for me to do this is to shoot all the art work digitially, and retouch. The first pages I did were at a questionable resolution, just barely comic format under 300 DPI, and shot with my Sony point and shoot which really didn't get a very crisp focused shot. I don't mind painting over stuff, but the original art has some nice character that I was worried I was losing...enter the Nikon D5000 I purchased today. The resolution and crispness is really incredible, I'm still trying to figure out the right settings for my set up...I just discovered tweaking white no more yellow shots. I'm going back to take a class with the sales guy from Precision Camera, who oddly enough remembered Oink! I told him about this project, so he may even be reading this, what up Joel! Thanks for all the help today!

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