Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love fixing this wrench! It's the small things! I also like the more homeless, transient, rough characters group became. I was almost mugged once when I was in college, it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. When I was in school I used to dread walking to class because we would be bombarded with homeless people hitting the students up for money. I tried all different techniques for tuning them out, one brilliant idea I had was to wear headphones...if I can't hear them how can they expect me to respond....this is the what I call 'The Ostrich" put your head in the sand and nobody will see you. So I put my 40 dollar headphones on and this really aggressive homeless guy is trying to talk to harass me for money while I'm waiting for a light to change so I can cross. I dismiss him with a shrug of the shoulders...I can't hear you homeless man, go away. The guy follows me for a block, but I didn't realize he was tailing me...into my building, and into the elevator. So he says he real quietly he wants to talk to me. He leans in and says, ' I could kill you for those headphones, or just break your jaw.' He stares at me like he knows he can....and he could...and then he slips out of the elevator. Trapped in a 4'x4' box with a rattlesnake....that's sort of what it felt like for a few brief moments.

So, I'm sure he's dead by's to my homie who taught me a valuable lesson.

Ostrich technique doesn't work, not on the street and not in life.

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