Monday, September 6, 2010

Final...such a finicky word.

I've come to accept that nothing with me is really ever final, I just get tired of trying to get it right. So I would assume that almost everything you see me post is all a work in progress until a publisher pry's it from my cold dead hands. I would be perfectly content to make one (hopefully two) awesome things in my life, rather than lots of things that I don't feel are finished, but I have TONS of work that is half finished, or things I pushed out to meet a deadline. The beginnings of new stories...there are many.... I think it's why game development is such a natural habitat for me, we work endlessly on one thing until it's as perfect as it can be. I'm also making MMO's so in theory I could work on one game for the rest of my career...that would suit me just fine.

A few years ago I went to Italy and one of the tourist spots we hit was Michael Angelo's museum. We got to see David, and it's really amazing standing in front of it you can't believe that it was made by human hands. The most interesting part of the museum to me though was the rest of his half-finished sculptures, rough hewn stones chiselled upon here and there- a hand here, the beginnings of a face there. Michael Angelo left a lot of unfinished things about...I totally related...this is just what's going through my head as I attempt to get this page right....although he also did that chapel thingee.

Spigot leaping above the crowd, bathed in the white light of his perfect moment, the moment he chose freedom over slavery, that's what that explosive background in the original represented.

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