Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blood in the gutter

I really wanted to keep the spirit of this original layout, I think I remember why I used all those warm colors, often times l use a specific color to set the emotion in a scene. Oink is not a skilled fighter he's all brute, so he's sort of even keeled, but once his cork comes out! So I really wanted to push that, you'll probably see a lot more of this red during Oink's fight scenes. Red is the dead color. Cardinal Baccar the main bad guy is all decked out in Red too.

So I'm also polishing some dialogue, some naming things I never liked. So, Billy from the original series is now Jacob, it's more biblical. I want to reinforce how this place evolved, Heaven is basically a city where all other religions were wiped out, everything in their culture would have one source.

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