Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is the following page from that last sequence. I actually cut down the number of thugs to 3 so I could do some of the major tweaks on this page. The other guy was always superficial, and these next 2 pages IMO, are probably some of my worst panel layouts...they're hard to follow.
I really wish I could use my time machine and go back and give myself a copy of Scott Mclouds series of books- aspect to aspect, moment to moment! This is one of those major overhaul pages, but I think it reads much better and the narrative is clearer...let me know if you can tell what's going on in the scene without word balloons.

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  1. the original sequence moves along so quickly (which I always liked about the action layouts) and I just assumed he hit the attacker with a backhand punch. I like the panel where Oink grabs him by the hair in the new version, it really connects the moment they lock eyes to the sudden deathblow against the bricks. The ! and "oh shit" in the third and fourth panels are helpful for following along, otherwise I think its quite effective without the word balloons.