Thursday, September 16, 2010

The basics

So I've really been going back and hitting the books hard on layout. Looking back on the series the truth is...I just didn't know what I was doing, or to be kinder to myself. I was learning on the job, and now one of the things I'm enjoying most about this is going back and adding clarity to the narrative.

So this example above is really about drawing out the moment, so that when we get to the 'oh my god he's going to kill me' moment it has more impact. I think in the original it's also unclear what's going on, there aren't enough moment to moment transitions to tell the reader why this guy is so terrified. The new layout shows the transient character looking on in horror as Oink hacks up his friends. Then Oink lifts his head looking back over his shoulder, next panel, close shot as the guy realizes...oh shit...he's seen me!
Now I think we have a better idea of why he's so scared. You can scroll down to see what the full page layout looks like.
Good times!

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